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Ready in 3 minutes!!!

Brownies, Cookies, Cakes & more



Homemade bakes are the best! We all know that. But in this time-strapped world that we live, who really has time to make everything from scratch? This is where we come in...

Plattered Ready Mixes are handmade. We use no preservatives or additives. The ingredients are carefully sourced keeping flavours in mind, measured and tested to the nth degree so you'd get the perfect results always! Our mixes take barely anytime to come together, and you only have to add wet ingredients. In the microwave for 3 mins, Et Voila! Your absolutely delicious homemade dessert is ready to eat. One you can proudly show off to your family and friends.

Lets bake together!



An amazing product for all the beginners who wanna try their hands on baking cookies and cakes. Healthy ingredients and well illustrated recipe instructions make your baking experience easy and hassle free. Tried my hands on cookie mix and I was amazed with the results as my cookies got ready just in 12mins. Wonderful product and a must try.

Shaheen Ali, Verified Purchase

This product is amazing. So easy to make and tastes delicious . I am going to order this every time for my dessert cravings :)

Verified Purchase

This was definitely the easiest, quickest and yummiest brownie I've Made. Since it has zero preservatives and no strange ingredients , I did not have to worry much about giving it to my kids either. I even added walnuts to my brownie batter for some extra yumminess!

Ann, Verified Purchase