How to Make Buttermilk at Home

This one was a bit of a surprise for us. While we expected vegans to ask how to make buttermilk, we really didn't expect the non vegans to ask us about buttermilk. So we went ahead and made a video we thought would be useful to both vegans and non vegans alike.

You can make buttermilk 2 ways

1) by diluting curd/yogurt with water (please make sure the curd is not sour)

2) by lightly curdling milk (dairy/vegan) with an acidic agent that can be either lime juice or vinegar

If you're using yogurt a ratio of 1:2 yogurt to water would work

if you're using acid (lime juice or vinegar) 1tsp to 3/4 cup milk would work for our purposes.

Drop us a message if you have any more queries and we'll make more videos like this

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