Quick Cookie Tiramisu

Missing out on Tiramisu because of ladyfinger biscuits? Look no further! This recipe gives you the comfort of a Tiramisu, in a quicker and dare I say, tastier way!

Creamy with a crunch and a hint of coffee, this Cookie Tiramisu is everything you want in a dessert!

To start off, the Choco Chunk Cookie Mix make the perfect substitute for the ladyfinger biscuits. These gooey choco chunk cookies act like a sponge to soak up that coffee goodness and well who wouldn't love the bonus addition of luscious choco chunks. This recipe is by no means traditional, but you can be sure it'll leave you just as satisfied as the real deal.

The mascarpone cream has the right balance of sweetness that compliments the bitter coffee. A final dusting of cocoa powder is mandatory for the classic look to cover the cream peaks. Each bite is like a symphony of textures and flavours that will have you digging in for another bite and then another :)

Here's what you need to make your own,


1 Plattered Choco Chunk Cookie Mix
50g Butter (melted)
1 tbsp Water
70ml Brewed Coffee
340g Mascarpone Cream (room temperature)
5 tbsp Icing Sugar (sifted)
150g Whipping Cream
Cocoa Powder


  • Line a tray with baking paper. Pre-heat oven to 180°C.
  • Prepare Choco Chunk Cookie Mix with Butter and Water as per package instructions.
  • Scoop and roll the cookie dough into equal balls, place on the prepared tray and bake for about 12 mins.
  • Once baked, set aside to cool.
  • To prepare the filling, fold the mascarpone cream till smooth.
  • Whip the cold whipping cream while gradually adding the sugar till medium peaks are formed and gently incorporate with the mascarpone cream.
  • Transfer to a piping bag.
  • Trim the cookies if required to fit the your glass of choice.
  • To layer the Tiramisu, dunk one cookie into coffee and place it in the glass.
  • Pipe a layer of the cream mixture, place the next soaked cookie and repeat this process till the top.
  • Once done layering, dust the top with cocoa powder and dig right in!

P.S. If you like your desserts to be chocolatey, swap the mascarpone cream for a whipped chocolate ganache. It still pairs superbly with the coffee soaked cookies!

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