Chocolate - The Elixir of Gods

Chocolate - The Elixir of Gods... OK I kid you, I don't know if its the elixir of gods, but no harm saying that right? I definitely do think of it as an elixir. Chocolate has the ability to elevate your mood, make your day a little brighter, and many a heart to heart has been over a bite of chocolate


When it comes to the kind of chocolate we use, we're kind of picky

a) it should be real chocolate, with cocoa butter - no compound thank you

b) should be economical - after all you don't want an ingredient that's so pricey that our overall cost goes up

Have you ever wondered why we use chocolate chunks and not chips in our cookies? Its to bring out the oomph of a melted chocolate chunk freshly baked from the oven. So every time you bit into a cookie, you get a bite of sinfully melty dark chocolate.

Our chocolate chunks are hand cut from tempered bars of 45% dark chocolate. We don't use pre-cut chunks, because it doesn't give the same melty rich feeling once baked as a hand cut one. Tempered chocolate, once heated in the oven doesn't harden once cooled, instead it turns into a lava-ey consistency that hold shape within a cookie. And that's why our Choco Chunk Cookies taste so awesome


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