• Brownie Shake | Vegan Friendly

    Beat the heat in minutes with this indulgent drink! It easy to make and delicious to drink :) This iced Brownie Shake is a decadent combination of a dessert in a drink! With our quick 3 minute chocolate Brownies, make this shake instantly at home without splurging on expensive store-bought ones. 
  • Millionaire's Brownie

    When you want a taste of the lush life, these Millionaire's Brownies are just what you need! I can safely say that Brownie, Caramel and Ganache combo is a perfected formula for a show-stopping dessert. It is everything you need in a dessert - gooey, chocolatey, fudgey and indulgent!
  • Oreo Brownies

    Y.O.L.O - You only live once? Nah... You Obviously Love Oreos!! Because who doesn’t? If you are one of the few who is not an Oreo freak, then y...
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