3 ingredient Chocolate Pudding

Ever sipped on a Hot Chocolate and wondered how great it would be to eat it as dessert? Well, this pudding is just that and the thing that makes it so special is that it needs just 3 ingredients!!

While this may seam like a sophisticated dessert, this recipe is infact extremely straightforward (and foolproof!). It's just like making yourself a cup of our delicious Hot Chocolate, with an extra step of adding bloomed agar agar to give it its jiggly texture. After combining these ingredients, pour it into the ramekins and patiently wait for the fridge to allow this smooth pudding to set for a couple of hours.

And what's a dessert with only a single element? At Plattered, we love elevating each dish with simple household additions, and in this recipe, we added almond praline for an extra crunch in each bite. The contrasting textures and flavours create a dessert experience that is both indulgent and fun.

Here's everything you need to make one for yourself,


6 tsp Plattered Hot Chocolate Mix
1½ cup Milk of choice
¾ tsp Agar agar
Nuts/Praline (optional)


  • Pour the milk into a saucepan, place on medium-high heat and add in the Hot Chocolate Mix.
  • Stir till dissolved and set aside.
  • Mix the agar agar in a little milk and allow to bloom.
  • Add it to the Hot Chocolate mixture and stir till dissolved.
  • Pour it into 2 ramekins and refrigerate for about 4 hours, preferable overnight.
  • Optionally top with nuts or praline for a nice crunch!

Tip: Replace 2 tbsp of the Hot Chocolate Mix with Nutella for extra flavour!

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