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Hi, this is Maria, and that picture right there, is where part of my childhood memories are. It seems extremely privileged right now, but access to great spices was taken for granted. A pinch of turmeric, a hit of pepper was good enough. You don't need tons of anything to add flavour to your food. And that's where quality of ingredients matter.

We're not a spice company, we make bake mixes. Making all your bakes taste delicious is what we work towards. One of those things I was particular about when we started Plattered is, no artificial flavours. We make sure every flavour that we add to a mix is natural. We waited long enough to find the right supplier for our Real Bean Vanilla Cake Mix. There actually is real vanilla, sourced from Kerala, in a Real Bean Vanilla Cake Mix pack. Without that there would be no Vanilla Cake for us :)

We source Allspice whole and grind it fresh to retain freshness for our Christmas Cake mix. It's a tiny tiny part of our ingredient list, but we believe it make a huge difference. 

Our Nutmeg comes whole to us, and the team grates it fresh into every batch we make. And we believe it makes a difference. Next time you open a Carrot Cake Mix pack, take a whiff, and let me know if you get a nice whiff of the spices :)

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