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Vegan Nutella Brownies Recipe

Vegan Nutella Brownies!


Brownies are Good, But when Nutella is involved, now we’re talking on a level 10 profile. These Nutella Brownies are quite simply AMAZING! I'm not exaggerating either. They bring together all that is fabulous in Nutella and our Plattered Vegan Brownie Mix to make something that we’re totally obsessed with, and now so can you!

This recipe is perfect for People who love having ridiculously tasty things but aren’t patient enough to collect and cook all of the ingredients! Aka. Me!

Here’s everything you need to do to make this To-Die for Nutella brownies!



Plattered Vegan brownie mix

200gms Nutella

1/3 cup of oil

1/3 cup of water



Add 1/3 Cup of Oil+ 1/3 Cup of water to the Mix and  whisk! Add in 150gms of Nutella and whisk until it forms a smooth and lump free batter, don’t be scared to dip in your finger and taste the batter to see if you want to add any more Nutella!

Grease a baking tin with oil/butter and pour in the batter!

Bake in an Oven for 20 minutes or for 3 minutes in a microwave!

Top up the baked brownies with a generous layer of Nutella and Enjoy!

 PS: You can swap the Nutella for any vegan based Chocolate Hazelnut spread of your choice!